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Direct Mail Campaigns and Fulfillment Solutions

Innovative, targeted, and well-planned Direct Mail & Fulfillment strategies to help sell your products and services!

CDMS is an innovator at comprehensive direct mail campaigns for companies looking to execute reliable methods of retaining and up selling its existing customer base. In addition, we can deliver cost effective direct mail strategies for finding you brand new clients. Count on CDMS for targeted List Acquisition, List Processing, Data Processing, Variable Data Printing,  Key-coding, and Response Tracking help. We are one of Colorado’s leading Direct Mail execution companies by concentrating on what we consider to be the “CORE” of Direct Mail Fundamentals and Data Base Marketing:

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CORE CDMS DM Fundamentals:

  • ROI your DM Campaign first
  • Target the “RIGHT” audience
  • Acquire the “RIGHT” mailing list
  • Provide offers and incentives for prospects to act
  • Don’t let your offer and incentive to act get lost in all the “features and benefits” of your product(s) and service(s)
  • Provide at least three (3) easy methods for a prospect to respond
  • Execute methods for response tracking and “back-end” reporting
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